Gurung turn down Bio Gas plant inauguration , express dissatisfaction to plant approach road.

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong May 13, 2015:
Municipality now succeeds to thaw the long frozen difficulty of wastes by implanting the solid waste management plant in Bhalukhop which is six kilometers away from the main town. The GTA chief was present to inaugurate the plant.

After breathing hazardous air and imprinting a bad image of the town, Kalimpong Municipality has finally worked to conclude the decade old problem of the town by embedding a solid waste management plant, the plant is said to be the first that has stood in the north-east region.   

Explaining the system of the bio-pesticide plant, Anindyo Sarkar the Managing director of the plant said that the town generates more than 30 metric tons of wastes in a day and dumping it in any random corner would definitely make Kalimpong a foul-smelling and bad looking place.

The gas (methane) generated from the wastes can be served as fuel for cooking, can be converted into electricity by installing a generator at the site and can also be used for crematoriums, replacing 400 kgs of firewood (to burn one dead body), informed Sarkar.

He later added, ‘the discussion of utilizing the fuel is going on where we have talked to few biscuit factories from Siliguri to sell the gas by filling it in the cylinders, the price negotiation is going on now.’

Sarkar proudly proclaimed that it is the first plant in the hilly terrain where Sikkim being the organic state has also not been able to implant one where in contrary more than 150 plants are running successfully in western to southern part of India, it was however known that the total expenditure of the plant has reached one crore excluding the outlay of other constructions (land, roads and stairs.)   

It was also informed that it took 11 months to complete the project of waste management and now the citizens are appealed to be conscious about keeping the town clean, ‘the segregation of degradable and non-degradable waste should be done at home which will save time in sorting here’ said Doctor Zimba, the health officer of Municipality.

Meanwhile, the Chief refused to inaugurate the plant for he was not satisfied with the construction of the road, Colonel Allay was requested by him (Gurung) to cut the ribbon and display the plaque.

Later addressing the people present there, Gurung furiously said that the bitumen was roughly applied to the surface of road and the road engineering is terrible, ‘I appreciate the success of the plant but know that monsoonal rain will destruct the road leaving the plant aloof’ said the Chief.

He questions the municipality about transporting trucks full of wastes to the plant, ‘the road is narrow and you talk about trucks reaching the plant, what will happen if the road gets badly damaged during monsoon? How will your waste reach the plant?

Unsatisfied chief asks Municipality not to waste government’s money in careless constructions before he signed off adding that he will stop funding municipality from now.   

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