Don't advice us , we are Doctorate in Sixth Schedule - Maurice Kalikotey

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,9th May
Just after 24 hour of Kalimpong MLA Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri suggesting GNLF leader to study the sixth Schedule draft GNLF party today have strongly reacted against MLA statement. Party Kalimpong branch president Maurice Kalikotey today called a press conference and said 'He may be the brilliant person , we can say that we may have less information on other matter but our party agenda the Sixth Schedule we are Doctorate" .
He challenged Morcha to called a seminar on Sixth Schedule. Let them bring all the so called intellectual on their side and we less educated will be other side . We will make doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani (Milk with milk, water with water).
He said we had made such a agreement that was for the benefit of the hill people . The agreement was also signed but it was both the centre and state which violated the sixth schedule agreement and bought here a unconstitutional GTA .
At a time when new Party President Man Ghisingh in his first statement focused on the separate state issue the other gnlf leader seems sticking with thier old demand of Sixth Schedule . Dr Chettri too yesterday said let them finalize the issue first which they will be moving forward when asked on this Kalikotey said our ultimate goal is such a body which let us to run our won administration including a assembly. He said DGHC or Sixth Schedule  or Gorkhaland issue is coined by GNLF.

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