Sanchabir Subba back to Morcha , appointed organizational secretary of Nimbong-Gitabling constituency

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong,11th May

Sanchabir Subba the independent candidate and center point of the last GTA election of 41 number constituency was proclaimed as the organizational secretary by the GTA chief today in the conference hall of hotel Anand palace. 

Addressing a press conference after the meeting the GTA Chief talked about Subba being the most efficient member of the party since 2007 which made GJM hand over the charge of the organizational secretary of Nimbong-Gitabling constituency to him Subba.

In response to the queries of the journalists here Gurung spoke about the chaotic appointment of the Lepcha Para teacher’s where he questioned, ‘each allotted schools should at least have the ratio of 40 Lepcha students for one assigned para teacher but the schools they are allotted hardly have two Lepcha students, how will  this be possible?’

Terming it as a strategic policy of ‘divide and rule’ played by the state government, he mentioned about taking the ‘transferred department matter’ to the Supreme Court if High Court fails in its judgment. He later suggested the Lepchas in protest to carry on with their dharna in writers building or Namana, Kolkata rather than staying in Triangular Park.

Commenting on a better coordination of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Gurung said that their relation should be better because Bengal has become Kangal (Bengal is in debt) and nothing can be done unless they befriend the Prime Minister because the development of Bengal ultimately has to do something with the fund that comes from the central government.

He was responding to a question on Modi-Mamata’s talks while he said, ‘if our relation with central government is good, didi’s relationship should also be good with the centre.’

Meanwhile Sanchabir Subba speaking to the Medias in the presence of the GTA chief metaphorically said that the party has walked to reach the goal and considering the efforts of GJM towards fulfilling the goal of the separate state made him get back to his position in the party.

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