Sikkim boy found hanging in Kalimpong

Mukesh Sharma

Kalimpong,3rd June
Kalimpong police has recovered one dead body of Kishore Bahadur chettri of Sikkim. According to police sources The body of Krishna was seen yesterday hanging in a tree by some villagers who went to cut grasss at Gariagau Nokdhara about 40 kms away from Kalimpong town, Then they inform about the same to kalimpong police who went to the remote spot where his dead body was recovered. Later when police check the pocket of the boy they found an Adhar card in which detail of kishore alias Arun (23) was written as  Tibet road,MW children park , hotel geetanjali Gangtok. Meanwhile Kalimpong Police have intimated Gangtok Police for whereabouts of Kishore .The PM was conducted today and his body will be preserved for three days from today at Kalimpong Hospital

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Esther Basnet said...

How sad that this boy's mental health was not detected early enough. Another reminder for us all to be aware and sensitive to the needs around. Love and support one another so that this incidence will not repeat. Our children need our support and encouragement and our ears to listen to them.

04 June, 2015

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