2nd death anniversary of Gorkhaland martyr-His sacrifice will not go in vain- Bimal Gurung

Kalimpong August 3, 2015: the 34 number, Homes and Bhalukhop constituency organized a small homage paying ceremony in the spot (Dambar Chowk) where Mangal Singh Rajputh-the first martyr, set himself on fire while shouting “We want Gorkhaland”
A similar program was organized in Homes, Dispensary (Rajputh’s area) where a sepulcher is constructed; different wings of the morcha along with the students of different schools, and sabasats of all regions were present there to pay homage to Rajputh, who died a martyr in the newly revived statehood agitation in 2013.
Meanwhile the organizational secretary of central committee
 Bijay Sundas addressing the crowd admitted that Rajputh’s contribution towards the agitation of separate state was enormously appreciated, “the self immolation of Mangal Singh did take the agitation to the next level but his soul will rest in peace only after we obtain Gorkhaland-a separate sate” said Sundas.
However, Manju Rajputh, the widow of Mangal Singh now feels that life goes on, speaking briefly on her husband’s void space she said that her life is ‘going on’ and in the midst of her sentence she thanked the political party in power for looking after them, ‘Morcha is looking after us and I have nothing more to say’ said Manju Rajputh.
She later acknowledged Morcha for remembering her husband as a martyr every year, ‘I thank GJMM for remembering my husband every year, it means so much to me’ added Manju.
In the other hand, the GTA chief posted, ‘Remembering Gorkhaland Martyr Shri Mangal Singh Rajput in his second death anniversary. His sacrifice will not go in vain, Jai Gorkha, Jai Gorkhaland’ in his official facebook page this morning.

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