CPRM warn to lock PHE , Water is safe for Drinking says PHE

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong.6th Aug

The problem of water in Kalimpong has been a hot issue this week . When Kalimpong Krishak Kalyan Sangathan have warned the PHE against the distribution of contaminated and muddy water to go to National Green Tribunal  and GDNS alleging the miss management of PHE even MLA too attacking the PHE , today the PHE came in its defense . Anil Chettri , executive engineer of Kalimpong PHE today called a press conference today said that the 30th June heavy downpour have resulted massive damages to PHE and Neura pipelines which forced us to tap water from relli and thukchuk and other sources these area comes below the road extension area of Gref which resulted in Mudslide in source water which bought the muddy water directly from source . He said water was necessary at that time we informed the public not to drink but use for other purpose the water 15 days ago but now the water has been cleared . He without naming any organization said that what are they up to i dont know Showing fresh water samples he said we have put alum in the water which makes its safe for drinking. A said a new filter house is a priority . He dont have a clorination house we use it from Neura . The standing old Filter house is filtering 80% of water he added. We falls under GTA and have to send estimate for fund sanction. We are running out of staff. we dont have a standing fund. Despite facing shortage we are distributing the water. He have applied for additional staff.The 6 crore fund which the department has received from Municipal affair department will be used to repair the delo civil lake 1 , augmentation of water from relli to thuckchuk work , and pumping from relli to thukchuk.

Meanwhile CPRM party to came to the front which today posted poster against the water problem . Party poster were seen at Damber chowk , Motar stand area . 'if they cant distribute water the hang a lock' , why is Kalimpong Municipality not coming in front when PHE is distributing muddy water ' asked the poster. Later speaking to press Sudan Pradhan sec of the DRYF today attacked GTA on the failure of solving the water problem of the region. When for each of the problem they have to approach the State government then what is the use of GTA administration? added pradhan

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