Ready for Sale for benefit of Kalimpong- Dr Harka Bahadur Chettri, receives warm welcome on returning.

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,24th Sept

Dr Harka never thought of a grand welcome after resigning from Party and entering Kalimpong for first time. We want Kalimpong District Dr Chhetri Zindabad slogan was chanted as soon as he entered Kalimpong town this evening around 5.30 midst light rainfall . Youth with khadas, bouquet and flower showering welcome  independent MLA Dr Chhetri who said i am very happy to return this time with no load and pressure. Now i can do my work freely.He then went then on foot till a hotel midst heavy security. Addressing the media in Kalimpong today the MLA from Kalimpong Mr. Harka Bahadur Chettri raised questions over the capability of the GJMM leadership in running the GTA. He said that the GJMM is saying that the State Government is not co-operating with the GTA to function the body properly which he feels is false as they themselves do not have proper ability to run it as there is only a few sabhasad administering it and others are just like common people.He added that he returned from Kolkata to Kalimpong and is thankful that he was accorded a warm welcome by the people of Kalimpong. He said he is feeling light with no heavy burden on his shoulder. To make Kalimpong a district for the benefit of the people of the region he would even sacrifice himself.

I am ready for sale for benefit of Kalimpong said Dr Chettri who added that if TMC bargains that i must join TMC for District proposal then for benefit of Kalimpong i may join TMC but that time will decide.He further said that he still has four five months as a MLA and even in this short time whatever he would do whatever is required for the people of Kalimpong.

He added many development work is done on percentage basis, 'First they ran behind percentage,now percentage is running before them' added the rebel MLA

When asked on time limit of district formation He said I don't
have money to buy a pistol , I cannot give a deadline.

Notably after resigning from the GJMM party on 18 September in Kolkata he returned to Kalimpong where he was welcomed by the youths and people in various places along the route. He had on 18 September resigned from the party going against the GJMM party directive that all the three MLAs should resign which he declined and instead took the decision of completing his tenure as MLA.

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