Probably last letter on GTA sent to CM- Roshan Giri, Gurung arrives in Kalimpong

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong, September 29, 2015:

Distressed GTA chief Bimal Gurung, writes a memorandum to the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee regarding the interference of the state government in the autonomous body, (read Gorkhaland Territorial Administration) that was settled on 18th July 2011.
The Tripartite agreement had assured a self governing body that will gear up all round development in the hills which is unfortunately hindered by the state government, said Roshan Giri while addressing the Medias here in the party office today.
The proposed school service commission and college service commission is yet to set up in the hills even after three years of the GTA settlement, now Giri questions on what basis should they provide employment to the people here, disappointed Giri also mentioned that 34 departments and 59 subjects that are to be transferred to the GTA has not been worked leaving few departments aside.
‘We have discussed about these matter in various Tripartite meetings to no avail, however each time the Chief Minister comes to Darjeeling or Kalimpong, she tears down our demand of greater land by luring people in many development boards’ said the Morcha secretary, Roshan Giri adding that the existing parallel administration is wrecking the function of the autonomous council body.
If a solution is not initiated after the memorandum, the next move of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha will be decided by the GTA Chief and we don’t know yet, if we are quitting GTA or not, time will tell us everything, said Giri.
He was answering the queries of the Journalists on what will happen if the chief minister pays no heed to the memorandum. However the Morcha secretary firmly said that this is the last letter that will be sent to Banerjee as they (state government) are solely responsible for the strategic intervention in the GTA.
When questioned if GTA is paralyzed because of corruption, Giri responded saying that the government of West Bengal can deliberately go for an audit in case of such blames.
Meanwhile, Giri talks about H.B Chettri’s dissatisfaction on Morcha’s negligence on the MLA, ‘if H.B Chettri talks about corruption, he should give us the evidences, what did he do for public anyway? Wasn’t gorkhaland’s movement important for him? Why did he choose state legislature’s seat instead of fighting for a greater land?’ questions Giri.
Later, speaking about Chettri’s reason of resignation, Binay Tamang, the assistant secretary of Morcha said that there were no point to ask their (MLA’s) permission on resignation as everyone had signed a bond wile electing candidates by the central committee, however on 23rd 24th and 28th March 2011, H.B Chettri spoke about not being offended if they have to resign from the post in case of any situation informs Tamang.
‘We have a footage of Chettri saying that he will be ready to resign from the state legislature in any circumstance with the decision of the GTA Chief and the party’s high commands, he also said that he will not stoop low in from of Bengal government’ said Tamang adding that he will show the footage tomorrow.
Speaking on a personal level Tamang said that they are abiding by their principles and guidelines where the MLA’s not resigning from their posts were their selfishness and they should realize their decision.
However, the GTA Chief, Bimal Gurung reached Kalimpong around 3 pm where morcha supporters reached Chitray for the mass welcome, in the other hand, morcha’s ‘maha-jansabha’ will be held in Mela Ground tomorrow and an overwhelming crowd is expected.

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