SK - Darj merger issue move to distract attention of the people - MLA Dr Harka bd Chettri

Kalimpong,10th Oct

Kalimpong MLA Dr Harka bd Chettri today in a press conference said even in context of union territory , separate state, regional autonomy and Sikkim-Darjeeling merger’ Merger is the best possible and viable option but in today scenario is seems impossible because which ever political party in Sikkim and or any organizations there that supports merger will not last long and the demand will be their downfall and Mr. NB Bhandari the former Chief Minister of Sikkim defeat was partially responsible in 1994 .

Historically it was part of Sikkim but unfortunately the best demand was raised by the weakest of people and whenever it was raised they raised it as a strategy but not as a mission.  The ‘Sikkim-Darjeeling merger’ demand raised by Mr. Gurung on 7th Oct,  was just a move to distract attention of the people termed Dr Chettri

Talking to the reporters in Kalimpong, the MLA from Kalimpong, Dr. Harka Bahadur Chhetri said that the people of Kalimpong have been supporting the demand to turn Kalimpong into a district. He further added that the people from different places in Kalimpong region have been regularly visiting and contacting them in support of the demand.

Regarding Mr. Pasang Tamang, Mr Chettri said that it is not that he has projected someone or he has inspired someone, instead considering the importance of the issue, the people of Kalimpong themselves are coming forward for the interest of the Kalimpong people and accordingly Passang Tamang is one among them.He suggested people to thier program in support of District.

Speaking on the ongoing Padyatra by the GJMM chief, Mr. Bimal Gurung in support of Gorkhaland, Mr. Chettri said that there are different aspects of Padyatra and accordingly he thinks that this padyatra is to save their ‘pad’ (post) and to mobilize their supporters for damage control.Regarding, Mr. Gurung’s declaration that he will continue his padyatra for 400 days and accordingly he will not visit his home for 400days, Mr. Chettri said that he (Mr. Gurung) doesn’t need his house because entire the GTA area is his house.

Regarding the GJMM’s districts demand, Mr. Chettri said that he thinks that the demand of districts raised by the GJMM maybe an obstacle for making Kalimpong a district as they are one that fights with the state government by demanding several things and now they are demanding several Districts.

He said that in the proposed Kalimpong District he has planned to make three sub divisions and 9 blocks within its premises. Anyone can support the demand for Kalimpong District by staying within their own party or organization and doesn’t have to leave their party.

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