Warnawala to start agitation for Nepali language

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,6th OCT

Formed  in 2004 for a aim to Promote Nepali Vernacular through Innovation in Education though animated Audio visual system Warnamala  Pariwar has declared to start a agitation for Nepali language. This agitation is not to ask but to let other see .An initiative taken by the intuitive Deoashish Mothey, to collectively come up with a music production house, Warnamala Productions. Attempting to promote Nepali Vernacular and culture amongst children and educating them to know and respect their identity.

Warnamala Productions had already come up with an Animated Film for Children. Rooting nature, culture and history to its core with a responsible sense of sensitivity to a child’s fantasy.
‘Warnamala’ is a Book containing the Devanagari script, each letter of which is illustrated has a character with which children can relate, and a poem, which is a song in the animated film.

The next generation will not feel to read alphabet in books as internet edition of all books, songs etc have already started ruling this world.

Pariwar has already launched  an Animated Film on a CD which illustrates the Devanagari script with drawings and is accompanied by songs sung by young children to which any young nursery or primary school child can relate to Vowel and Consonant sounds.

Our cutlure is vast but it need to included in the main stream of our country, If we beautify the government primary school or ICDS, put lights , fan and TV computer for learning it will not only attract the student but thier parents added Mothey who said he felt the apathy while he was taking his education at Santineketan.

Our culture is rich in nature ,If our culture gets included in Indian mainstream culture then our identity problem will get better expressed Mothey.

It more important to boost our pre primary and primary education system rather than have a university added Mothey who said he have approach both State and GTA for implementation of Warnamala in schools but till now no response he have received .

At present warnamala stall is opened at damber chowk which has books , CD .

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