Water scarcity artificail alleges CPIM Leader Tara Sundas, JAP attacks Kalimpong Municipality

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,27th April
Kalimpong which is reeling with a acute water scarcity this year have been now became a blame game among department and political parties.
Kalimpong Munciplaity which conducted a meeting on water problem on Tuesday with Neura , PHE . GTA and GJM party leader have been today targeted by CPIM and JAP today.
The Neura which supplies water to Kalmpong have said that the one of their source have dried up and the another one the water level have decreased.
PHE which distributes water to Kalimpong have laid forward the problem of illegal tapping .
Today CPIM leader Tara Sundas today alleged that the problem of water which the department is showing Natural is man made and totally artificial.
He said the PHE department which falls under GTA got 5.85 crore from state municipality affiar department  which according to information received from PHe department was used for 3 scheme. The first was repair of Delo Civil Lake which amount was shown ass 88 lakhs. 2nd Scheme was  Augmentation of Sources beyond Thukchuk sources of PHE showing amount 2.38 crore and Pumping of water from Relli to Mainline at Paktang showing amount to 2.84 Crore. But neither one of the project has been completed by PHE. He said the Department which is forwarding illegal tapping issue is the one who have boost the system of Tapping .Showing images of illegal work of PHE Sundas have warned the Department of legal consequences if CPIM government comes in power.
Meanwhile the JAP party issuing a press release have asked PHE that what is stopping them to act and stop the system of illegal tapping. JAP town Committee have said the party took out many procession in month of February to bring the matter to notice but the Municipality answered that the Water Distribution system is not looked by them but PHE.But when the election came nearer the Municipality began t distribute water in water Carriers .

If the distribution or supply does not come under Kalimpong Muncipality then why was a meeting by Kalimpong Municipality with PHE , Neura , GTA and GJM party was called. JAP have alleged that the all who attended the meeting did not talked about solving the problem instead they showed the problem which is like putting mud in the eyes of masses.

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