Drinking water distribution to resume in Kalimpong from today

Kalimpong,27th Oct

Water supply will resume from Thursday morning after a gap of six days, informed the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department, the concerned body for the distribution of clean drinking water in Kalimpong.
The aggrieved residents alleged that the irregularities in the supply of drinking water has compelled them to purchase water to meet their daily requirements,“
The drinking water supply remains suspended for days,as a result of which we are forced to buy water, adding to our expenses.
With the increase in population, the water crisis is growing worse each year.”
Drinking water was distributed on Saturday last , since then services remain suspended. When asked on the situation,Anil Chhetri AE of PHE Kalimpong informed that pipelines of Neura Department who supply water to PHE for distribution is damaged along Kanchipul area between Alagarah and Lava due to slide.
Neura has restored the pipelines and water service has resumed from Delo since
yesterday. In the mean time, 4 inch of regular water from PHE own thukchuk tank has reached the Delo civil lake.We will possibly be able to distribute water on Thursday, informed Mr A Chhetri.
As learnt, Kalimpong town area residents have been buying water from water tanks. The rate slated for 1000 litre of water is between 300-450 rupees depending upon the distance.
One’s who are financially not in a position to buy water are having to depend upon local spring wherein for collecting 20 litres of water, one has to wait for hours.
It is to be noted here that the water in Kalimpong is supplied by Neura Department which comes under the state government workings
while distribution of water comes under Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA).

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