Taekwondo International Dojang player wins gold in Int event

Kalimpong, 6 January

Taekwondo International Dojangs(TID) participated in the recently held International Taekwondo Championship held in Kolkatta . The event was organized by Korean grand master Seong Kuk Jeong in association with the Korean cultural centre, Korean association of Kolkatta and Taekwondo in action of India. Team from India , Korea ,Malaysia, Indonesia , Nepal.   TID senior instructor, Rabin Rai(2nd Black belt /WTF) won the gold medal in the senior Black belt poomse category. His impressive winning performance heralds the arrival of new generation of International Taekwondo champions from Kalimpong and surrounding hills area. Rai along with two competing players from Kalimpong – Eric Rai and Erin Rai were trained for this championships by international master instructor Manoj Yonzone(6th Dan black belt) , Director Stephen Rai( 3rd Dan Black Belt) and senior instructor Roman Pradhan(2nd DAN black belt) who were helped by Sudeep Darnal and Pawan subba in training the competitors for the event. After winning gold the moral of Taekwondo International Dojangs is high. Stephen Rai , the Chief executive instructor cum director said “ We continuing aims to promote and make available Korean Taekwondo with complete transparency to the local community.”

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