Protest starts at Dumping ground site

Kalimpong January 1, 2017 : 

The Kalimpong town may face the old garbage problem again. The resident of Lower Newar gaun along with Bhalukhop gram sudhar samiti have from today not to let any vehicle and throw garbage at the dumping site about 6 kms away from Kalimpong.
The decision has come after an agreement of Kalimpong Municipality expired on 31st December done on May 2016 where municipality has promised to manage the waste thrown here and there in the 6 acre of land of Municipality.
After breathing hazardous air and imprinting a bad image of the town Kalimpong Municipality succeeded to thaw the long frozen difficulty of wastes by implanting the solid waste management plant in 2015, the first of its kind in whole north-east region.   
Pradeep Rai , president of Samiti along with its member put a bamboo bar and pasted poster in the ropes appealing the municipality not to bring and dump waste from tomorrow as today Sunday was a holiday.
Rai said it’s their land but when last year a fire engulf the garbage the whole village above was polluted after which we demanded the municipality to organized the waste as promised asked for 31st December time and after that they started to dump.
We have informed the Municipality , Kalimpong SDO office , police about our move.
Sachin Rai said the Bio gas plant in a year time has been somewhat useless , at it opening it was said it can crush and turn degradable waste into gas but now its capacity to crush have remained almost two bucket of degradable waste. He informed the ballon where gas gets collected have been leaking leaving hazardous gas.
He added Kalimpong town produces 30 metric tons of wastes in a day , which is bought here by 15 vehicles of Municipality. He added we nearby living , along with our domestic pets have been affecting by the waste now.  
Meanwhile when asked to Kalimpong SDO Nirmlaya Gharami who is now administrator of Kalimpong Municipality said we cant let Kalimpong town full of garbage , we will throw waste in the land purchased by Municipality , if they don’t allow we have to take some measures he added.

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