Film on Child traffic king, ‘Juju’ muhurat shot at Morgan House

Nisha Chhetri
Kalimpong, Apr 6:

Problems faced by infant children, Child trafficking and child Labour will not just be read in newspapers and electronic Medias. People from the film fraternity have now taken up the issue and will be portraying it in their movies.

As a first effort from such people, a Murat shot for the film ‘Juju’ was taken at Morgan house today. Penned by Bickel Chettri and Mahesh Cintury, script managed by Amar Rasaily, directed by Bikram Parajuli and produced by Rajen Pradhan, ‘Juju’ is a child related film that will be shot extensively in Sikkim, Kalimpong, Siliguri and Kolkata.

“Juju is a name of a child who faces different kinds of problems during infancy. The movie is utterly a children movie categorized in three segments of love humor and tragedy,” said Bickel Chettri, one of the writer. 

Sweta Sharma, a young kid from Pedong is expected to play the lead role while Shova Rai will be seen in the lead role. The film is to be produced by Amba brothers production house with Amit Saha as the camera person. “We are expecting to finish the shoot by May end and release the movie in the first week of June,” added Chettri.

“The movie will give a new taste to the audience with a message to the society on child trafficking, domestic hazards on children and other issues.  People read about the issue regularly in newspapers or other form of media which will now be illustrated in the film,” said Amar Rasaily, a prominent screenplay writer who has assisted the original writers.

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