Dangerous rusted pole in dire need of replacement

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong June 13, 2015:
The 30 feet tall electric pole next to Ajoy general store, above Darjeeling syndicate area, motor stand, ward number 12, is rusted which is likely to crumble down anytime.

The Gupta brothers who run the small (pan) shop have complained to the Assistant Engineer of the electricity board about the chances of accident which can occur indecisively and injure many people walking to and fro.

Aman Gupta, one of the brothers said that they had informed to the electricity department about the dilapidated pole on November last year who assured them with a change the pole which is still unexecuted.

Speaking to this reporter Ajoy Gupta said, ‘We called the employees of the concerned department to check the condition of the shaft who visited the site and left assuring us in 2014, we thought things would be maintained soon but the condition of the pole is getting worst causing more threat to the passer by’s and the drivers’

Many local taxi drivers park their cars in front of Ajay’s shop where the shaft can reach and crash the vehicles if it falls horizontally. The drivers who were available this afternoon also spoke to Himalayan Mirror regarding the condition of the pole. They said that the authority has overlooked the matter.

 Meanwhile Ajoy without being sure said that the pole was exchanged 15 approximate years ago, ‘I can’t remember vividly but I believe the pole was exchanged 15-16 years ago.’

Gupta family has been following a lineage of business for more than 90 years, Aman Gupta said that their shop was there before they were born. However, the pole which is almost attached to their stall makes them more concerned than other shopkeepers nearby.

The brothers said that they don’t want to be held with liability in the future in case of any mishaps for the pole is not their personal property and they have informed the concerned department time and again with attached photographs of the dilapidated electric shaft.  

Meanwhile when asked about the rusted pole , Pravashika Rai, AE of Electricity Department said that she has taken the situation seriously and will ensure public safety by replacing the pole as soon as possible/

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