Floriculture training for women concludes

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong June 20, 2015:
After twenty days of floriculture (Jerbera and Carnation plantation) training program, the women’ of Dungra chiso pani seems to be edified about floriculture.

The training that kicked off on 19th May was organized by Hill Social Welfare Society (H.S.W.S) Kalimpong where plantation of Jerbera, Carnation, Anzelia etc were taught. It was known that the program of 20 days was supported by West Bengal Swarozar Corporation and ended today.

Talking to this reporter a woman of mid 30’s said, ‘We were trained with the process of bed preparation and bed sapling plantation which is very helpful for plantation of new flowers.’
However, the marketing techniques were also taught by Suraj Subba who is a local floriculturist. He later said that the market value for these plants is good and business can bloom along with the flowers.

‘I look after my family with the income I get from my flower nursery’ said the mentor adding that the flowers require adequate love and care.

The total of 25 women will also be remunerated with 1000 rupees in some days for undergoing the training of 20 days irrespective to the unpredictable weather condition and their daily house hold chores.

Meanwhile Meera Labar, the program coordinator said that such trainings are important to empower women of the hills, ‘we have taught many women in different places, women have a great potential to learn new things which is very appreciative.’

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