Traffic Police enforce Seat belt rule in Kalimpong, 32 booked

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong June 29, 2015:

After various attempt to recover the deteriorated traffic of the town, Kalimpong traffic police has been trying to edify the drivers with driving etiquette where some drivers refrain from following the rules.

Enforcing the compulsion of seat belt from today, the traffic police had 32 cases till evening, ‘despite warning the drivers since last few days we caught 32 drivers driving without fastening their seat belt’ said Praveen Gurung, the traffic O.C

In the contrary the drivers here feel that it is ‘easier said than done.’ When this reporter asked them their problem with the seat belt, a driver who did not want to be named said that they were never trained driving by fastening the seat belt, ‘We didn’t wear a belt since we first held the steering and adopting the rule abruptly is a problem.’

Later Praveen Gurung spoke to this reporter regarding the further penalization of the negligent drivers, he said that the vehicles who were caught today had to pay a minimum fine of 100 rupees which might increase to 500 if the drivers don’t abide the rule.

Meanwhile a driver who ply’s towards Homes area regularly with 6-7 passengers in a maruti-van said that a seat belt is useless when they have to act in an urgent situation. Speaking to this journalist he said, ‘we automatically panic in technical failure, how are we supposed to escape a brake-fail if the seat belt cannot be unfastened with our trembling hands?’

The drivers hassled in fastening a seat belt is peculiar but 70% of the drivers fasten it before they reach the checking spot.

Every concerned individual here questions the inattention of the drivers. ‘What if the traffic police change their checking spot to Homes or 12th mile?’ questions a teacher.   

‘Are the drivers neglecting their life or are they just saving their fines by fastening the belt before reaching the main town?’ are still the unanswered questions

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