NH Block , Machine buried

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,30th June

Just within 24 hour of resuming one way traffic Swetijhora today witness another fresh slide about 50 m stretch around 9 am today resulting all day blockade of NH. The X Ex300 BEML machine was more than half buried under the debris which bought a halt to the machine which was removing the debris this morning from 5 am. The morning rain is said to be the cause of the slide from the same spot. The Driver of the machine luckily escape but got his one arm injured by the debris. All day long amidst shooting stone gref machine and its operation BRO engineer worked tirelessly to remove the debris and bring out the machine but the operation was disrupted by the continuous rain from evening.About 6 machine was operated today but the rain in the morning and later in the evening caused many shooting stones to come down heavily.Many passenger vehicle was suing the same road as it was cleared till last night. Many truck along with SNT buses were seen stuck due to landslide. The slide which started from Wednesday have been a hot spot zone for a week now. Taking risk many passenger were seen transshipping from both side . OC 87 RCC Major RK Joshi and Samsher singh chaudary sector in charge berrick was guiding the clearance work while the public was handled by Rambi OC Sujit Lama and team. 

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