Tamang gallop to meet CM, To demand 20 crore for developmental work

Kalimpong June 16, 2015: 

The Tamang Development and Cultural Board (TDCB) left towards Siliguri today to welcome the Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee who will arrive around 8 PM tonight.

The youth wing of the board has scheduled to welcome the CM today and have programmed to meet her in Rohini, Darjeeling in a small reception program before noon, tomorrow.  It was known that representatives of Yuwa Mangar Association also have accompanied the Tamangs.

Speaking to this reporter through telephone this evening, Sanjay Moktan the chairman of TDCB said that they are intended to meet the Chief Minister regarding the previous house scheme where 500 houses were funded by West Bengal Backward and Tribal department with Didi’s direction  on September 2014 and January this year.

Explaining about the fund received on installment basis, the chairman said, ‘5 crore were funded on September 2014 and the remaining 5 crore were received in January this year, we immediately started with our construction from February’

He said that 70% of the first phase have been completed and want to proceed with the second phase of constructing 1000 houses under ‘Hyang-La Dhim Yojna’  which means ‘Our house scheme’ in their language.

It was informed that the board will officially meet Mamata Banerjee, day after tomorrow and discuss about their new projects.

‘We will also submit the utilization certificate of our previous project to the Chief Minister’ said Moktan while he was on his way to Siliguri.

The first phase of Hyang-La Dhim scheme took 10 crore approximately where the new project of 1000 Tamang houses can sum up to 20 crores. The board will also discuss about the project to preserve the Tamang handicrafts and handlooms to the C.M which can cost another 5 extra crore (approximately.)

‘We also have a project of making a documentary of the culture, tradition and ethnicity of Tamangs which can take another 1 crore’ added the chairman of TDCB.

However, he roughly estimated the total expenditure which can reach up to the budget of 60 crore this time where in the other hand they are yet to meet Didi to sanction the estimated amount.

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