25th P.R Pradhan merit award and 20th interschool quiz competition to be held.

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong August 5, 2015: 
P.R Pradhan merit award, the town’s most famous program held every year in August is likely to get over this year as the award ceremony reaches its 25th year.
This time the two-day’ program is scheduled on 7th and 8th August in Town Hall, with the regular agendas, ‘7th will see the quiz semi-final of Madhyamik and ICSC schools which is divided in two sections of five-five teams each, five will perform in the first half and another five in the second, we will select the best five out of ten for the finals that will be held the next day’ said Suva Pradhan, the program coordinator in a press conference called in town hall.
The first day will also see the 5th inter-school primary quiz competition for the children of West Bengal board where eight schools are enlisted.
‘On 8th August, an autobiography written by P.R Pradhan will be unveiled and the finals of the 20th quiz competition will be held along with the merit awards’ added the program coordinator.
It was known that Ugen Gatsyo Bhutiya, the Tourism Minister of Sikkim and H.B Chettri-Kalimpong MLA will be present throughout the program on the second day.
On the other hand, Nava Ratna Pradhan the principal of SUMI said that the P.R Pradhan award will be discontinued from this year as Pradhan has written his autobiography which is more valuable, ‘we have successfully reached our 25th year of P.R Pradhan merit award and we feel that the silver jubilee is the best time to pause but the quiz competitions might continue’ said the Principal adding that the decision is in the hands of the school alumni.

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