KKS warns PHE to go to Green Tribunal against supply of Muddy water

Mukesh Sharma

Kalimpong,4th Aug

The June landslide have bought lot of trouble to people of Kalimpong. One of them is supply of water which was halt for at least 8 days after Slide. But when the supply started till date the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department has failed to monitor the water quality with “unfiltered and muddy” tap water being supplied to the people.

According to the guidelines, it is mandatory that all the drinking water sources have to be tested once in a year for chemical contamination and twice for bacteriological contamination. Besides the proper filtration of water has to be a continuous process.

However, people complain that unfiltered and muddy tap water was being supplied to them without any filtration being done.  “We are not able to consume the muddy water that is being supplied to us for the last one months. ,” Mohammad Aslam, a resident of of Kalimpong Municipality.

He said although they boil the tap water before consumption but the mud still persist in it.The residents of kalimpong have been receiving contaminated unfiltered and muddy water from July .

Taking up the issue Kalimpong Krishak Kalyan Sangathan , a farmer based organization which has been working in clean water project has warned to take the case to National Green Tribunal.

Bishnu Chhetri secretary of the organization today said that after receiving regular complain of muddy  water the organization collected water samples from different location and tested them in private labs which report when came was alarming. He added the water contain high amount of Fecal Coli-form bacteria . 

Water is a valuable natural resource that satisfied a diversity of needs ranging from drinking water for humans and animals to recreation and agricultural irrigation. Bacterial contamination of natural waters can impact all of these needs and has the potential for causing serious human health problems.
Even animals cant drink water supplied by PHE he added.

He said despite many health department are running here no one have test the water supplied to mass.

Either the mass have to stop to use such water or the department should supply uncontaminated water otherwise we will take up this case to National Green Tribunal added chhetri.

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