DGH welcomes new CE, B'ed classes to start from next session

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong September 1, 2015: 

after 2011, DGH, the renowned school of Kalimpong welcomes a new Chief Executive, John Abram who has worked for another Scottish institution (Scottish Church College) in Kolkata for 11 years as a director.

When the institution already has two prime heads, (Principal and the Headmaster) the arrival of a new E.C was a wonder which was later clarified, supplementing it with a surprise of opening a branch college of the school.   

The school authority now discloses that a new B-ed college would be started from next year in the area of Centenary and Frazer hostel, ‘all the formalities for starting B’ed and DLED (Diploma in Elementary Education) college are done and the classes will be started from July next year’ said P.C Thapa, the superintendent of the school.

The progression of setting up a regular (art) college is also under process and the school authority is expecting the official procedures to wind up early and persist it after the B’ed College.

Interestingly, the trend of leaving hometown and flying to cities to acquire additional education would now be restrained as the Scottish college would set up here in the homeland.

However, John Abram, the new C.E spoke to this correspondent regarding his new venture in Dr. Grahams Home, ‘first of all, I have to grow with these people’ said Abram looking at the other heads and students of the school in the school premise this afternoon. He later added that he needs to grow with the local people.  

It was known that Abram assured the heads to ‘try his best’ to setback the old standard of the school, said the source.

‘We are happy to have a new C.E, Mr. John Abram, we (DGH) have greater expectations from him’ said Pravin Pradhan, the senior master of the school.

Abram also took oath in the small induction program organized by Dr. Grahams Homes in Jarvie hall today.

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