Dr Harka to speak on 18th about future course of action amidst Resignation row

Nisha Chhetri
Kalimpong September 16, 2015: 

GTA had asked for MLA's opinion every time when the party had internal problems but when the decision of resignation from the MLA was taken, no MLAs were consulted and this has indeed been a humiliating act from the GTA, believes the MLA H.B Chettri

Chettri indirectly accused the GTA for taking this decision at their absence however he said that he could contribute a thought that could make the resignation effective which is now useless.

Addressing a press conference called by him in his residence, Chettri said, 'had we been consulted about this matter we would have contributed our ideologies so that the situation could be different but our opinion were never considered relevant in the GTA'

He also said that any literate person would feel humiliated with such negligent activity that has come from GTA's end.

When the resignation of MLA’s is scheduled on 18th of this month, here the MLA, H.B Chettri has an arrangement of turning Kalimpong into a district, it was known that he had a word about this for the fourth time with the Chief Minister yesterday who has given a trivial importance to this matter.

Meanwhile the MLA who seemed ergonomically distracted proclaimed that he has many probabilities at the moment which includes the likelihood of leaving the party. When asked to clarify he asked the Journalists to wait till 18th September; however he summed up saying that a literate person can’t keep quiet when he/she is humiliated and a decision should be taken which will be publicized on 18th.

Chettri later said that he has lesser aspirations now, the only wish he has is to befit people of Kalimpong in a greater way, ‘I will now do things which will benefit the people of Kalimpong’ said H.B Chettri.

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