H.B quits party,Security beefed up at Dr Cheetri Houses in Kalimpong

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong September 18, 2015:

As the news of H.B Chettri’s resignation from Morcha circulated rapidly in town, a strong security was deployed at his residence in Chandralok, Durpin.

    As assumed his acquiescence from the party and not from the position of MLA was a foreseen circumstance, believes the civilians here. However, he sounded diplomatic in the last press conference called by him at his residence, the journalists were befuddled not enough to understand his mind. When questioned, he asked the Medias to wait till 18th.

    Interestingly, Chettri’s statement on giving weight on his ‘district aspirations’ has now drawn interest of the general mass, the district aspiration and Chettri’s resignation has indeed become the talk of the town where a layman was caught praising Chettri’s decision today in a departmental store here.

    ‘He is a very qualified person and he should not tolerate negligence, I am happy that someone has taken a step to befit this small town’ said the same person in the departmental store, who did not want to be named.

    In the other hand, Morcha had called a general meeting in the party office this afternoon; it was known that Chettri’s resignation was also discussed. When asked, Nordhen Lama, the sub division president said, ‘His resignation won’t make any difference in the party, we have considered his abdication valueless.’

    Meanwhile, Subha Pradhan, the Central committee member spoke to this correspondent through telephone regarding the MLA, he said that Chettri’s copy of resignation has not reached the head office till now, ‘after his resignation copy reaches the head office, the heads will discuss whether to accept or decline his resignation’ said Pradhan.

    The sources also said that the options are ‘open’ for Chettri as no one knows what the future holds, Chettri might have to work with Morcha in the future.

    Pradhan later added that they have no comments on what the heads will decide after receiving the resignation copy, ‘Harka sir might have his own ‘valid’ reason to quit the party or maybe he just wants us (Morcha) to realize our mistakes’ assumes Pradhan.

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