No discussion with State government-Bimal Gurung, GJYM annouces three new program

Nisha Chettri/Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong September 30, 2015: 

In a mass meeting held in mela-ground here the GTA Chief, Bimal Gurung said that talking to state government in order to fulfill the demand of Gorkhaland will now be a stupid idea for the discussion of the said demand will be raised in front of central government.

The meeting organized by the youth wing of the morcha was filled with prejudices against the MLA, H.B Chettri and the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, however as assured by Giri in a press conference yesterday, the footage of Chettri talking about ‘abiding by the bond of the resignation’ was also publicized today.

Gurung in his 50 minutes speech verbally slammed the Chief Minister and the MLA for being against the issue of a greater land. The GTA Chief also alleged Mamata Banerjee that she has visited the hills 27 times in last few years but has done nothing to stand for her words of turning ‘Darjeeling-hills’ into Switzerland,Instead she have turn this land as Murdaland ‘She has done nothing besides distributing central government’s facilities and has not given a penne-worth facility from her side’ said Gurung.

Banerjee was time and again held responsible for ripping the hilly tribes apart with her ‘Divide and Rule’ strategy who has been partially successful to weaken the ultimate goal of Gorkhaland. With her foreseen strategies or her political stunts the Lepchas, Bhutias, Tamangs etc have now dispersed from the main requirement, where Guring now feels that her motive was never to love the ‘hills brothers and sisters’ but to maintain an mysterious distance  among the people who live here.

‘She has done whatever she had to do, now her stunts have crossed the limitations of our forbearance, she is our enemy and now an enemy will be treated like an enemy’ said Gurung while he was still addressing the overwhelming crowd.

Considering Mamata as a step mother who is often bad-mannered to her step children, Gurung complains that she has always treated the demands of the hills like her step children.

Meanwhile the civilians exhaled in peace when the GTA Chief talked about restarting agitation that won’t see strikes, he however added that he will fight for Gorkhaland in Delhi and not in Bengal.   
Seeing the crowd he said next meeting will be held in Kurseong of the women wing and another meeting will be held in Sliguri where more than 5 lack people are estimated to turn up. A dharna of women, youth and student wings during the parliament of winter session was also proclaimed by the GTA chief today.

With the thought of strikes disturbing the normalcy in the student’s and businessmen’s lives the Morcha leader said that the people here have already suffered a lot and now he will suffer alone, ‘Now I will hurt myself and won’t let my people suffer, I will start a padh-yatra (journey by foot) from 2nd October and walk till Darjeeling for 7 days, I will knock and visit every doors and appeal people to raise their lost zeal and support Gorkhaland’ said Gurung adding that lal kothi won’t be his office but every Jungle or village he stops will be his work place.

Interestingly people hooted in approval when Gurung said that mass should come in the field if Mamata directs the law enforcers to catch the leaders to hinder the agitation, ‘will you come to make Mamata believe in our strength?’ questioned Gurung from the stage, ‘Yes’ people hooted in positivism.

The Morcha leader indirectly said that GTA won’t be dissolved and the demand of ‘districts’ were their (Morcha’s) proposal which was to be discussed after acquiring Gorkhaland.  

Gurung later said that he has been trying to call the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Darjeeling when he comes to Sikkim so that he can show him the super specialty hospital and colleges which are being constructed with an expectation to convince him the requirement of separate state.

Meanwhile Gorkha Janmukti Yuwa Morcha today announce three new program which include wall postering for Gorkhaland, Awarness program in all subdivision from 8th to 15th Oct and Julus every Thursday starting from 8th Oct. Bimal Gurung later in his speech announced full cooperation of the party to the program announced by its youth wing.

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