Now Muslim Demand Muslim Development Board

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,21st Sept
After declaration of 4 tribal and 1 non tribal board, the Muslim community which are categorized as minority is ready to raise a demand for a separate Development board for muslin people living in hills and duars. The demand issue will soon be raised by Darjeeling Duars Muslim Development Society which was formed today after a meeting of Muslim leaders of Darjeeling and Duars meet today at Kalimpong. The meeting saw the participation of Duars Milleta Islamiya DMI and local Muslim leadership of Kalimpong. The meeting formed the society which will now knock the administrative doors of Darjeeling and Duars region. Abdul Razzak secretary of DMI talking to reporter told ' when tribal and minority like lepcha ,tamang and bhutiya ,sherpa are enjoying status of tribal along with a development board then why we minority lack behind. We too are in need of Muslim Development Board ' . He said TMC government is doing work for minority in theoretical way which is the main region why we need a board.

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