Public Poster in support of Chettri’s district goal.

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong September 22, 2015: 
The citizens of Kalimpong who rallied the town shouting slogans of Gorkhaland few years ago now decide to swim and sink with the independent MLA, H.B Chettri. The town was filled with curiosity when people saw posters that were stuck in different places of the town written in public’s voice. This is the first posters that were stuck with the citizen’s interest after the MLA gave weight to his ‘district aspiration’ after quitting from the party (read GJM). The poster that was stuck in Dambar Chowk reads as ‘Kalimpong: We want Kalimpong as a district, don’t be afraid H.B Chettri, public are with you’ Interestingly, there is no eye-witness of the one who pasted the attention-grabbing posters here but an interesting conclusion that pops out is, half of the population of Kalimpong supports Chettri’s demand of a separate district. Geographically, the total area of Kalimpong is 1056 square kilometers which makes Kalimpong the largest sub-division however the total area of the district is 3149 square kilometers. In the other hand the total number of voters in Kalimpong reaches nearly 183863 (according to records of 2014 election.) Dr. Chettri in his last press conference in Kalimpong briefly said that the Chief Minister is positive about the district demand, if granted Kalimpong will be the 21st district of West Bengal.

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