Kalimpong Science Centre observes National Science Day

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Kalimpong,28th Feb

Kalimpong Science Centre, situated about 9 kilometers away from Kalimpong town, today (28th February 2016) observed National Science Day. On this occasion, Kalimpong Science Centre also released a newsletter and a science channel, with the intention of bringing to the general public, interesting news and facts from the world of science and technology. Present on the occasion were Dr. B.B. Gurung (Curator, Kalimpong Science Centre), Dr. Sajid Ali, Dr. Sarad Gurung, Shri Suraj Mani Pradhan, Shri Hemant Thapa and other invited dignitaries. Dr. B.B. Gurung (Curator, Kalimpong Science Centre), speaking on the occasion of National Science Centre reminded the house about the discovery of the Raman effect by Sir C.V. Raman on 28th February 1928 and in his honour, India observes National Science Day on 28th February every year. Adding further, Dr. B.B. Gurung also talked about the various activities conducted by Kalimpong Science Centre (the only Science Centre within the GTA area) to bring scientific awareness in the general public and the school children. The science centre has been providing technical assistance to all concerned to instill in them a scientific temper and help them evolve as responsible citizens of the country.
Dr. Gurung also added “with the view of providing latest interesting news from the world of science and technology, on the occasion of National Science Day we are launching our two pet projects, a news letter and a news channel which everyone can access through the centre’s website, YouTube and social media. Viewers can also send their articles for print in the newsletter.”
The newsletter launched by Kalimpong Science Centre has Dr. B. B. Gurung as Managing editor, Shri Suraj Mani Pradhan as Executive editor and Shri Hemanta Thapa as Assistant Editor.
Dr. B.B. Gurung, while concluding his speech also expressed the Centre’s gratitude to the GTA for all help rendered for the successful launch of the two projects.

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