JAP seeks apology from Morcha Chief Bimal Gurung for Darjeeling incident

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,4th May
A day after the Jan andolan party alleged that two of the driver which was carrying its supporter in Darjeeling was attacked by 6 GJM cadre outside GJM party office in Singmari now JAP has sought apology from Morcha President Bimal Gurung.
Dr Harka Bahadur Chhetri speaking to reporter here this morning told we condemn the incident . We have came ko know that Bimal Gurung and Sabhasad were present at party office . During his presence two drivers Sando Lepcha and Pravin Adhikari was beaten up by 6 morcha supporter who came out while the drivers went to take a turn to Singmari after they did not got space to park the vehicle at DM office premises he said.
Dr Chhetri said this is not a attack on two driver but all the drivers of Kalimpong.Attacking Drivers is a insult to all drivers. Which even party supporter they carry doesn't mean that the driver are also affiliated with that party.
We give one day to Gurung to sought apology if he fails we will put black flags in vehicle and shop to mark protest against the incident.
Meanwhile Commenting on the damaged condition of Memorial of Mangal Singh Rajput few days ago Dr. Chhetri condemn the incident and demanded a judicial inquiry in the case. Dr Chhetri said Mangal Singh Rajput sacrifice his life for separate state cause. He was a true martyr . We hope a judicial inquiry will help the truth comes forward .
Meanwhile JAP youth wing to condemn the incident of Darjeeling. Amir Basnet JAP youth wing leader said driver are not the party member if they carry any party supporter to other place. Chalak Mahasangh should come forward he said. He too said the masses were not allowed to enter GTA office at Lalkoti. Alleging GTA office of turning GJM office he said barring media and mass to enter Lalkoti is not a good sign of Democracy.
In the other hand GJM party has been daily giving memorandum to Kalimpong Police station in connection with Memorial Damage. After GJM party its youth and women wing today 34 no GTA Constituency of Homes Bhalukhop area submitted a memorandum to Kalimpong Police demanding arrest of Culprit .

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