Water Pipelines damage at 3rd Mile due to Landslides

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Kalimpong,11 July

Landslide at 3rd mile Below Rikisum on Lava Road, boulders falling down and damaging the Neora as well as Thokchu 10" dia. Main pipe line.

PHE GTA has showed the reason being the widening of road by Boarder Roads Organisation on Lava road which is causing the contamination of Thokchu/ Relly Khola source water by mud boulders bushes coming down with Rain water, The main sources are already contaminated and causing less water discharge to Delo Civil Lake as well.

The Dept have told that it could only tap water from local spring water which is functioning now but disturbances like this caused by BRO ongoing works above is hampering the water supply to Kalimpong Town.

The matter has to be highlighted so that to stop BRO from doing such irresponsible project works above. Even if both the Neora and PHE under GTA repair and pass the water through , then there is every possibility that the landslide shall damage these pipes below causing more damages to the village below by damaged and leaking pipes which will run full in this monsoon season.

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