Sec 144 imposed in Kalimpong to prevent illegal drilling of water

Mukesh Sharma

Kalimpong, 1st Aug

The Kalimpong Administration has imposed prohibitory order U/S 144 C.R.P.C for preventing of unlawful drilling of extraction of water from the subterranean aquifer of Kalimpong and Adjacent area.

Informing about the move Kalimpong SDO Nirmalya Gharami today informed that unauthorized drilling activities in the town was going on where no permission was issued from Government to allow such activities in Kalimpong and Adjacent area.

He informed that the Geologist of the Geological Sub Division 1VE, State water investigation Directorate has opined not to allow any new pump fitted tube well in town and Adjacent area. As there exists ample possibility that unauthorized extraction of ground water may lead to ecological damage to Kalimpong town and adjacent area.

He said as of now 3 places , Albella , Park Hotel and Chest clinic area have extracted ground water. ‘We have issued them notice today to immediate stop drilling of water. Even if they don’t stop we will show cause them as to why legal action must not be taken for violation? If again they don’t stop then we will take action accordingly 'he said.

Meanwhile the U/S 144 Crpc has been imposed indefinitely in Kalimpong and adjacent area to refrain general public from drilling and extraction of water from the subterranean aquifer of Kalimpong and Adjacent area.

The Civil administration has forwarded the order to Police administration to take necessary steps to uphold the order whenever any violation or chances of violation are apprehended.

 Praful Rao president of Save the Hills who was against the Drilling system told unregulated extraction of ground water in the mountains without adequate study of the aquifer system can lead to serious consequences for downstream communities as well as affect the stability of the mountain. There is adequate literature and scientific data on this aspect.  ‘I am glad that this decision has come about. Everyone agrees the main problem is not shortage of water but mismanagement and shortage of storage space. Why don't we take these issues heading rather than look for easy solutions? I think we should leave something good in these mountains for our grandchildren too, rather than destroy everything with our greed.’ He added .

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