JAP allegations on water crisis baseless

Kalimpong, 9 November

Public Health Engineering (PHE) department Kalimpong has given a clarification on Jan Andolan Party (JAP) allegation of mismanagement, corruption and negligence in the work of PHE department which has led to a crisis of clean drinking water supply here in the past few days.The department has maintained that the allegations labelled by JAP against the department are baseless.
PHE Additional Engineer, Mr Anil Chhetri has given a reply to all the allegation of JAP party and its president Mr Harka Bahadur Chhetri regarding the crisis of water supply here.
“JAP allegations of utter negligence on the augmentation of water supply
scheme from Thukchuk to Relli which costs rupees 2 crores 33 lakhs and 40 thousand is baseless. About 80 percent of the work of the very project has been completed.“The work for tapping of two jhoras will be done .We will soon revive work and complete the project at the earliest,” he added.
Meanwhile, speaking on the context of pumping of water from Relli, of which the necessary works have finished though the services is yet to function,Mr Chhetri said that though pump has been installed, there was a temporary electricity transformer which will be replaced by 105 KVA transformer in a day or two.

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