JAP warns of Legal action against PHE

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,10th Nov

The word fight between Jan Andolan Party and PHE department of Kalimpong is continously going on in last 5 days. JAP party and other leader who visited Thukchuk and Relli water source of PHE had alleged on negligence, mismanagement on the department after which the department clarified terming the allegation as baseless by PHE AE Anil Chhetri.
Today reacting on the baseless allegation statement of the AE Chettri Jan Andolan Party President Dr Harka Bahadur Chhetri have given a warning to the department to take legal actions if in a month time the department does not do the work properly .Dr Chhetri said what was the need of forming a Fact finding Committee as we have all the video evidence of the site where the Department work has come under scanner. He added we will be showing the video to all masses. 

JAP has alleged negligence on the augmentation of water supply scheme from Thukchuk to Relli which costs project was 2 crores 33 lakhs and 40 thousand replying to allegation of JAP AE Anil Chhetri told that about 80% of the project work have been finished and soon we will complete the project. Dr HB Chhetri told we have the RTI answer which we received in the month of June here PHE has written work completion done. Now how is he saying that 80% of the work has completed where RTI report in June has said “work completion" in its status.

He said JAP will not let Department to act in arbitrary manner.

Dr Chhetri said about 80% water in the lines of PHE have been leaking from about 14 joins. AE Chhetri did not comment saying he have not visited the side

Meanwhile Pumping of water from Relli he said the work has finished, ribbon has been cut but water has not come yet. Without visiting the place how RTI reply shows the completion of work?
If Relli pumping scheme is functioning then why was water not pumped during the crisis period during the festive season?
JAP had clear its view; the water is abundance in the source if it is bring in a proper manner without any leakages no one can stop the department to distribute water daily to the people of Kalimpong.

He said Kalimpong has many hydrants in olden times where people without pipelines connection got waters but now the lacks of hydrants people bring lines from 2 kilometer from the cambers. Massive pipelines have blocked all the drains. If in a systematic way the situation is tackled the people is sure to get water daily he added.

JAP will do all the programs including legal actions against the department if the department does not complete the work and provide water to the masses.

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