Mercury Dips in Kalimpong

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,12 January .

The weather in the past few days has been changing in Kalimpong town. There has been swift decrease in the maximum and minimum temperature by almost 3 degree Celsius. Today the maximum temperature recorded was 13 degree Celsius at 1 pm and the minimum was degree Celsius was recorded at 6.7 this morning at 5.21 am. Yesterday the minimum degree was 6.6 Degree. The icy cold winds in the afternoon and evening have forced the people to stay in their house and to wear warm woolen clothes and take help of fire wood.
The snowfall in higher area of Sikkim and Darjeeling have resulted under piercing cold wave conditions in Kalimpong also.
Many local and outside tourist are seen coming to different areas of Kalimpong . The late evening temperature in Kalimpong has been hanging in between 8 to 10 degree but the wind chill factor have resulted the local to feel it around 7 degree .

 Kalimpong weather in December was very good with maximum hitting 18 and minimum 10 degree . But the sudden dip in mercury have resulted many people to go to plains area to their respective houses or relatives.Today the minimum temperature was recorded at 5.7 degree.

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