Protestors lay conditions before allowing waste vehicles

Kalimpong,11th Jan

The Bhalukhop Gram Kalyan Samiti which had protestsfrom 1 January for not allowing Kalimpong Municipality to dump its garbage, now have put forward many conditions.

After an agreement with the samiti on 6 January, the municipality was allowed to dump the waste but today samiti secretary Anmol Rai and spokesperson Sachin Rai briefed the press about the conditions.

Addressing a press meet at Reporters Kalimpong office,Sachin Rai said, “We took the decision of allowing the garbage to be dumped seeing the problem of Kalimpong and the peak tourist season.”He said we have laid down many conditions. “We will not allow the waste coming from Fish meat and Boiler meat seller to be dumped as it pollutes the villages nearby.We will not even let the thermocol boxes in which fish comes from plain area. It is non-degradable and is very inflammable,” he added.

He said that they have a village over the dumping ground area,and sometimes
the dead bodies of cats and dogs are thrown which leaves it noisome.
“We too are humans,we want a systematic dumping ground in which degradable and non-degradable wastes are segregated properly,” he said.

The Bhalukhop Gram Kalyan Samiti has said that they will check the garbage and if any vehicle brings items which are banned, they will send it back to the
municipality area. Rai added that the samiti has given five months time to the municipality to systematise the dumping ground. SNS

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