TMC victory rally in Kalimpong

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong,17 February
The Kalimpong District Trinamul Congress today took out a Victory Rally thanking the Chief minister Mamata Banerjee for granting Kalimpong a District status. After 3 days of young Kalimpong district today the TMC wing of Kalimpong took out a victory rally form TMC party office at 10 mile. About 300 plus party supporter playing holi , singing dancing encircled the whole town and gather at Damber Chowk where a small meeting took place. Addressing the meeting Chewang Bhutia said “Without naming Bimal Gurung said one of the leader said Kalimpong cannot be District one have to ask Bhutan to grant District status to Kalimpong, but no one went to Bhutan and today we are in District Kalimpong”. He added that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee commitment to grant Kalimpong a District have come true. He said this District is for all people of Kalimpong who were facing massive administrative problem. We Thanks CM for his kind gesture to upgrade Kalimpong in a District.
Meanwhile Dhendup Bhutia , president of Kalimpong Town committee too said now the time for Development has come. We didn’t go to Bhutan to ask us to grant District but the mere effort and political will of our CM Mamata Banerjee has given us District. He added Banerjee loves Hills who through different board have been spending crores of fund to development. He said we have to return the love to CM by bringing TMC into power into upcoming Municipality, Panchayat and GTA election.
Tshering Sherpa organizational in charge of TMC said CM Banerjee seeing the water problem of Kalimpong has sanction 50 crore by which people will get relieved of water crisis very soon.
Many Muslim supporter of TMC party along with its student wing, youth wing and women wing were seen take party in the victory rally.

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