JAP accuses TMC of 'bribing' students to switch parties

Kalimpong,6 March
The Jana Andolan Party today alleged the TMC of taking its two Class representative to Kolkatta. JAP president Dr Harka Bahadur Chhetri today alleged that TMC leader from Kalimpong has taken two of his class representative to Kolkatta . He said in college election our party candidate bagged 12 seats to win the College Union election.10 seats went to GJMM back student but on 15th Febuary 6 out of 10 GJMM students CR went to TMC. Dr Chhetri said we want to make a clean environment and do clean politics .He said TMC with power of money is trying to buy the students. We don’t want a youth to jump to corruption. Many are joining TMC nowadays but those joining are ex municipality commissioner, chairman, some who are joining just because some want to be Public prosecutor of Kalimpong Court, some want work tender. We want youth to go out of contractor mentality. He alleged that TMC don’t have any program in their hand. At a that when we want to create a healthy environment for politics in one hand GJMM and in other hand TMC common enemy has been JAP.

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