Hill Congress alleges the Government of making Bangladeshi immigrants its vote bank

KALIMPONG, May 15th:
The Government by sheltering the Bangladeshi immigrants and making them its vote bank has upraised as a problem for the nation as a whole, charged the Hill Congress. The Hill Congress, Secretary, Dilip Pradhan today speaking with the reporters said that these increasing numbers of Bangladeshi immigrants are now trying to create disturbance by planning various schemes. Acquainting that according to the report of 2006 around 2 crores 10 lakhs immigrants have entered India, Pradhan asserted that this has posed a threat to the country’s internal security. Further, demanding that the Government and the Administration should concentrate on this issue, he underlined that the anti social works are being conducted by such settlers. The report further states that leaving the rest of the country only in West Bengal itself there are 80 lakhs Bangladeshi immigrants.
All those people from the Terai- Dooars who are against the Gorkhaland formation are all Bangladeshis, he alleged. Similarly, charging that the State Government is well aware of this, the Secretary added that the Chief Minister Mamata Banerji who used to oppose such acts is now in favour of it for she is now playing a political game by making them he shield.
Pradhan also accused that the oppositions for Gorkhaland from Siliguri and Terai- Dooars namely Janjagaran Manch and Aamra Bangali comprise of Bangladeshi immigrants. Only in North Bengal there are 30 lakhs such Bangladeshi nationals, he underlined.  Also according to the IB reports, right at the moment there are more than 26 lakhs of the said immigrants who are serving in various Government Departments all over the country, notified Pradhan. It is upsetting to see that the Government despite of being submitted the said report by the IB can do nothing regarding this matter. Countering the allegation put to the Gorkha community of being an immigrant, the Secretary said that they instead of pin pointing others should firstly enquire from where they belong to. Lastly, questioning that, why is the Government taking time to enquire on the reports by IB, Pradhan asserted that if the Government does not act upon this serious issue immediately then in the country’s future will be at peril.

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