Fund for Tamang ,Sherpa and Bhutia Board, Want Let hills to break- CM Mamata Banerjee

Nisha Chettri
Kalimpong September 15, 2015:

When the GTA Chief is strict with reviving the Gorkhaland agitation, the Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee today said that she will do anything for the hills but she is not ready to break this place, speaking in Nepali she said that she needs a proper development in the hills.

The minister after receiving the highest award of ‘Kinchum Dharmik’ given by Lepcha tribes last year, the Tamang Development Board today gave her a title of ‘Nalsang Dolma’ which means the goddess of light.

Accepting the term with pride the Chief Minister who reached Kalimpong last night said that she loves all of her ‘hills brothers and sisters’ and will visit ‘hills’ time and again till she is alive, ‘I will come here again and again for I love hills’ said the Chief Minister praising more about the discipline and hardworking nature of the Nepalese, irrespective to their tribe.

Addressing the different tribes assembled in Ronaldshay Park, the Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee said that people here are very hardworking and deserves better, ‘I salute everyone for performing so well in the past’ said the CM, when she clarified that the Lepcha tribes winded up their 500 housing scheme before the deadline of one year in 2014.

Expressing her love and detachment with Darjeeling, Didi said that her heart cries when the people of hills cries and her heart rejoices when the people of hills rejoices, which is one reason of her immediate visit in August when landslide shook the three hill sub division. Explaining further Didi said, ‘I rush to the hills to serve my people, I don’t come here to do politics.’

The Minister who was in poor health also made a point to give away checks of six lacks to 12 landslide victims who met with irreparable catastrophe few months ago.
Meanwhile a check of 10 crore was handed over to the president of Tamang Development and cultural Board, another check of 5 crore was handed over to Bhutia Development Board, and similarly a check of 3.75 crore’s was given to the Sherpa Development Board. The checks were given away for the construction of model houses and toilets for the tribes.
In the other hand, the Mangar tribes who have been eagerly waiting for a declaration of a board is still in a state of anticipation as the decision could not be taken today, the Chief Minister has asked for a day’s time to decide the said board, she however said that Mangar tribes deserves something but the decision will be declared in Lepcha Board’s foundation day in mela Ground tomorrow.

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