Separate Board for Mangar announced by CM Mamta Banerjee

Nisha Chhetri/KNE

Kalimpong September 16, 2015:

Quite contrary to her earlier announcement of not creating any development  board WB CM M B today announced A Separate board for Mangars Few months ago Mamata had declared that no more boards will be formed in the hills whose statement now deflects as she announced a development board for Mangars.

Mangars in the other hand seems to be excited with the declaration as they have been a silent appealer of the board. The general secretary Navin Thapa Mangar quickly makes way to acknowledge the Chief Minister with an assurance to uplift this backward tribe The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while addressing different community people in Mela ground today said that she is very proud of Lepchas who has worked effectively after the declaration of Lepcha development board. 'The Lepcha Board has actively worked for development of housing, education, livelihood, sanitation, tourism and preservation and propagation of heritage, arts and crafts and language of the community. 

We have sanctioned funds for construction of night schools, hostels for girls, jhora improvement schemes, apart from several other projects' announced Banerjee The request of Bhutia, Tamang and Sherpa board have already been passed in the cabinet and the Chief Minister expects these communities to perform like the way Lepchas have been performing after the formation of their board. Mamata while she was still addressing the crowd said that Limboo and Rai communities have also been approaching her for small requests which will be exhibited shortly, ‘My heart is big, so I give away the board for the Mangars, I will also consider the requests of Rais and Limboos’ said the Chief Minister which was appreciated by lasting applauses from the Mangars side. 

In the other hand, Mamata talks about developing the hills and with development she meant employment, which is equal to more infrastructures, ‘the more infrastructures are built, the more employment will be generated, more hotels equals to more tourists and educational institutions will bring employment for more teachers,’ said Banerjee adding that Darjeeling will look cheerful in that way. Twisting her 20-minutes speech she said if Darjeeling is not cheerful, hotels and schools will be closed which will disturb the entire chain of the hills, she definitely meant to hit on the subject of reviving agitation which Gurung recently announced, where in the other hand, calling strikes can be easily foreseen in the reviving agitation.

 ‘You can talk to us in case of any situation, even other parties can come and talk, your doors are open, if you close the door, the doors of Darjeeling will be closed and my brothers and sisters will be suffering again’ said the Chief Minister who still meant that people will suffer if Darjeeling witnesses strike yet again. Repeating her statement which she gave in Ronaldshay Park yesterday, she said ‘I am not here to do politics and everyone needs to understand that, I am here for I love my hills brothers and sisters’ said the CM adding that she just wants development in the hills and will do anything to make Darjeeeling a better place but won’t leave this place at any cost. Later, Banerjee said that skill power is the important power and Darjeeling has many skills so West Bengal Skill Development Board will be formed which will be guided by the Lepcha development board. At the same time, the alteration of Lepcha board’s name was declared to West Bengal Mayel Lyang Lepcha development board from Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board.

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