Mani Trust AGM held

Kalimpong,14th Oct
The Annual General Meeting of Mani Trust held under the the Chairmanship of The Chairman Mr. Subash Singh at Worship Centre situated at 9 1/2 mile in Kalimpong.

The meeting commenced  with the welcome speech of Trustee Mr. CP Khatiwara followed last meeting review by Trustee Mr. Bhim Bhujel and Accounts review by Trustee Mr. Rizwan Rehman.

Mani Trust Founder Chairman Mr. Subash Singh placed the Annual Report of the Trust before the Trustees in the meeting.

Today's meeting resolved to inducted 4 new Trustees namely Mrs. Sashi Iren Yonzone from Darjeeling, Mr. Arbind Pradhan, Mr. Bishal Tirva and Mr. Bishnu Shankar from Kalimpong. Senior Social a Worker Mr. Narayan Gazmer from Kalimpong has been appointed as Advisor and  Mr. Shyam Basnet from Kalijhora has been appointed as Executive of the Trust.

Mani Trust's formed its new Board of Trustee with its 7 Trustees namely Mr. Rizwan Rehman, Mrs Sashi Iren Yonzone, Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Mr. Arbind Pradhan, Mrs. Reshma Singh, Mr. Vishal Tirva and Mr. Bishnu Shankar.

The new resolution adopted in AGM are  Promotion of Kalimpong as Medical Tourism Destination of Darjeeling and commencement of Medical Referral Centre in Kalimpong and establishment of Pathological & Dialysis Unit in Kalimpong proposed by Founder Chairman Mr. Subash Singh.  Commencement of 3 Initiatives namely Medical Referral Centre, Social Information Promotion and Food for Helpless People Initiative in Darjeeling and other areas proposed by Trustees Mrs. Sashi Iren Yonzone and Mrs Reshma  Singh. Land procurement and construction of Shelter for the helpless people Trustee Mrs. Shila Rana Limboo.Commencement of Ambulance Services and Dead Body Vehicle services proposed by Trustee Mr. Jiwan RaiSensitisation and  Awareness Camps on Health, Environment & Climate Change, Education, Social issues proposed by Trustee Mr. Bishnu Shankar Organising Blood Donation Camps, Pathological & Medical Check-up Camps proposed by Trustee Mr. Ajay Agarwal. Plantation of 10000 Trees under Save Environment Initiative in 2016-2017 proposed by Trustee Mr. CP. Khatiwara.Awareness Camps on Livelihood Sustainability and Target of 400 Financial Linkages from 8 Blocks of Darjeeling District proposed by Trustee Mrs. Reshma Singh. Construction of Multipurpose Training Centre to promotion of Local Arts & Crafts, Handlooms, Paintings and Local Products and marketing support to Artisans of Darjeeling Hills proposed by Trustee Mr. Vishal Tirva. Promotion of Rural Technology in Darjeeling District proposed by Mr. Rizwan Rehman. Membership drive of Mani Trust Volunteers proposed by Trustee. Mr. Arbind Pradhan. MoU signing between Mani Trust and Shambav Trust for Solar Project in Darjeeling.

Advisor to the Trust Mr. Narayan Gazmer appreciated the Mani Trust's mission to establish Pathological & Dialysis Centre in Kalimpong and said if Trust can achieve their goals then it will be not only the achievement of Mani Trust but the achievement of whole public of Kalimpong.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Trustee Mrs Reshma Singh.

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