Kalimpong town road in miserable condition

Mukesh Sharma
Kalimpong-25th Nov 2015

Road leading to Post office Kalimpong
The link road at Kalimpong town along with state highway is in miserable condition from last 2 yrs. The road in this small hamlet has been now a major concern as tourist flow has been increasing day by day as winter is approaching here.
Starting from ward no 1 following all 23 ward the condition of road is in bad shape which need utmost repair. Ward 1 which falls under the main kalimpong town right from thakurbari which have a ICSE School along with a mosque and a temple is worst affected. Meanwhile the main road and thana dara which have Kalimpong PS, Post office BSNL office and town hall area road is like a ladder.

Sahista Begum a local of ward 1 said the road has not been repaired since 2 yr. The 30th June rain fury have washed many parts of road which has removed all charcoal from road which need full repair. She said weather GTA or state government agencies must come forward immediately to repair the road as a public  I m appealing .She added so called Netas come to us to beg for vote they promise to solve water, repair roads but after winning the promise is never met.

Road connecting thakurbari
Meanwhile Beside the local ward 12 connecting half of the town area road are also in very bad condition. The wards have a Dhara (Local perennial stream) which met the water supply of most of the town people in crisis period too is in miserable condition. Local Mahesh Gupta said we have approached many time to the concern department for maintenance but they have turn a deaf ear.

Ward 10 Harijan road too is in very bad shape. Local have demanded immediate repair.
The most affected are the Drivers who depend upon the tourist season as tourist flow increases between winter seasons.  They expressed their view that they have either have to divert holes in the road or save nearby passenger. The road condition has forced us to skip bad condition road and take long road which increases the fare.

Upon all this when asked to Ganga Maya Gurung, Chairman Kalimpong Municipality she said the local self government has not much fund so they have to apply to Kolkatta Muncipal affairs department for additional fund. She said we were worried so we made a scheme for all 23 ward road and send it Siliguri and after which it was forwarded to Muncipal affairs department Kolkatta  who have approved the sum of Rs 10 crores and later given to Muncipal affairs department for Sanction. But we have received only 25% of total amount which is insufficient but now we are on the process of E tender after which we will start our repair work.   

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